Press Statement on EDL provocation on Dec 5

See for more info about protest.

Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP (NSBNP) has called for a show of unity on 5 December across all communities in Nottingham against the so-called English Defence League’s planned ‘protest’ in Nottingham.

The EDL, who base themselves on football hooligans, have organised so called protests in various towns and cities in an attempt to stir up racism and have been opposed by local communities  including trade unions and community organisations wherever they organise. The EDL claim to be against “Islamic extremism” but in reality this is an excuse to whip up racism as they try and organise a racist political force and racist attacks have taken place during their events.

It appears that the EDL have organised their event to coincide with the Forest versus Leicester City football match and the 2nd Battalion Mercian Regiment’s parade through Nottingham. Our rally is against the EDL and is not linked in any way with the parade by the troops.

The EDL know they are  completely unrepresentative of British society and tried to keep their congregation point secret for as long as possible as they did not have the confidence to announce it when they announced their protest. It is only this week that it has become clear where they are congregating.

NSBNP’s Unity Rally will congregate outside the  Royal Concert Hall at 10am on the 5th.

NSBNP’s campaign includes public meetings in the run up to 5th December to build for a major mobilisation. We will be explaining the real intentions of the EDL throughout the 5th, explaining the threat of the EDL’s  organised racism.

Our intention, in line with our adopted policy in opposition to all  organised racist and fascist events, is to show by strength of numbers  the extent of community and working class opposition to such events. Unlike the EDL, we do not want provocation or violence on the streets  of Nottingham, but at the same time we are mobilising to show that threats of  racial or religious violence will be  opposed by sheer weight of numbers.

NSBNP calls on trade unions,  community organisations  and anyone who wants to oppose the EDL to  join us on 5th December


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