We’re redundant – hooray

Don’t get us wrong. We will fight all cuts, all redundancies and defend every job. But the job of stopping the BNP festival in Codnor, Derbyshire is one political job we are pleased to have got rid of.

There is a bitter dispute within the BNP; the promise by Griffin (like anyone would believe his promises) that he will resign his leadership within 2 years are clear indicators of their crisis. So this year they have called  off their prized event of the year their Red, White and Blue Festival of hate.

Of course, they try and deny the real reason for the cancellation of the RWB. In an interview in the local Ripley and Heanor News BNP’s Alan Warner and owner of the land on which the festival was held said: “We have cattle on the land at the moment and there are rules saying people cannot go on land used for cattle grazing for 90 days so it’s too late now.” Oh what a terrible shock that must have been for Mr. Warner and a perfect excuse.

He went on “I think the BNP should have come back this year to show that they are still here. People will say ‘we have beaten them and moved them on’ when that’s not the case.”  Of course not!

The BNP’s local councillor on Amber Valley Borough Council, Lewis Allesbrook said: “It is quite labour intensive to organise and put on and can consume whole months of key activists time. At a time of huge organisational steps forward, it was felt that key people would be better utilised by focusing them on the upgrade of the party election machine.”

Translate this means, ‘the festivals have been growing flops as a result of the campaign that anti-fascists  conducted against it, the BNP is in a total mess and any national pulling together of BNP activists might lead to punch-ups, the BNP has a demoralised membership, an unpopular dictator of a leader and street racist competitors (the EDL) are seizing all the limelight’.

Don’t be complacent though, most of the BNP’s difficulties are the result of their own stupidity and incompetence. The threat of fascist and racist growth still remains with the terrible economic crisis and a labour movement that is still yet to show that it will be the can champion workers interests and marginalise the squalid racists that are still confident as we can see from the mobilisations of the EDL.

Campaigners of the Notts Stop the BNP still remain active as do all the other local campaigns that built the demos against the BNP in Codnor. What we need to do now is stop the EDL!

We don’t expect to post here again but we do appeal on anti-racists who have supported our protests in Codnor in the past to support the new national network of democratic working class anti-fascist campaigns that has recently been set up, the Stop Racism and Fascism network that has already linked up anti-fascist campaigns in Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cardiff, Derby, Newcastle and South London. Watch the new website http://srfnetwork.org and join us in cleaning our working class communities of racism.

For workers unity – for Jobs and Home NOT racism!

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