South Yorkshire Stop the BNP plans Sheffield campaign

South Yorkshire Stop the BNP have announced a major campaign in Firth Park, an area known to have been well-worked by the BNP.

The first public event of the campaign will be a public meeting on Saturday, 21st November 3 – 5pm in the Methodist Church, 8 Stubbin Lane, Sheffield S5 6QL

A map can be opened from this link

The organisers call for anti-racists and anti-fascists across the city to support this initiative.

In their words : ” To do this we need you! We need people willing to knock on doors in Firth Park to talk about why people might vote BNP, what problems they face and what they want to do about them – to build for the meeting and to encourage people to take ownership of this campaign in the area.”

“Firth Park council ward gave the BNP 20% of the vote and second place in 2008. This ward is within the new Hillsborough and Brightside Constituency which also combines other target areas for the fascists including Southey and Brightside. This shows its importance as a target for progressive anti-fascists.

“However, this campaign is not simply about elections; it is about sustained work to support local people to get their voices heard and to fight against their disenfranchisement.”

Leaflets will be available from this site when they are available and from the South Yorkshire campaign’s website

Those wanting to help leaflet the area please email info(at)


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