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BNP electoral gains

In last week’s local elections, the BNP achieved only limited gains, but anti-fascists cannot be complacent. they now claim 100 councillors, although this figure includes parish, town or community councillors, most of them elected unopposed to this lowest and usually non-political tier of local government. Prior to the announcement of results in London Hope Not Hate noted, “the BNP now appears to have 55 councillors. The party went into the polls with 45, down from 50 immediately after last year’s elections and made a net gain of ten.” Continue reading


Love Music, Hate Racism

Beyond the campaign against the Red White and Blue festival, there’s a wide range of activity against the BNP and other far-right groups. Love Music Hate Racism is one such campaign and seeks to use music to promote unity against racism and fascism. On April 27 they will be holding a carnival in Victoria Park, London to mark the 30th anniversary of the first Rock Against Racism concert.

If anybody from the region is interested in going, the Nottingham and Mansfield Trades Council are organising a coach from Nottingham. Tickets are £5 unwaged/students, £15 others. There’s also transport from Derby, Leicester, Chesterfield and cities across the country.