Mock executions, violent claims and preparations at the “Family festival”

The News of the World had someone shooting video and taking notes within the BNP’s RWB Festival last weekend.

Today they have a video of the a mock trial and execution of a black person described below with further reports of successful intimidation of migrants in places like Cotmanhay, Derbyshire as well as reports of how BNP members armed themselves with hammers and other weaponry to attack any anti-fascists that got close.

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BNP in retreat on festival location

The BBC report that Simon Darby, the BNP’s deputy leader, is suggesting that the BNP may move its ‘festival’ next year to somewhere other than Denby in Derbyshire.

Darby claims that this is because the BNP “was concerned about the disruption caused to local people”. This is nonsense. The warm support shown to our protest by most residents; the campaign that is growing against them in Amber Valley; and the fact that the success of the protest on the 15th August will lead to far greater numbers being mobilised next year: that is why they are feeling they need to move.

If they do pack-up and go: that is half the victory.

The full victory will be when we make sure that wherever they hold their ‘festival’ we will  mobilise enough to shut it down!

Video of peaceful road blockade

This shows what non-violent direct action can be like. It could do with having more there. Next year we should aim to treble the numbers again.

Nottingham meeting Wednesday

Notts Stop the BNP will be meeting on Wednesday at 7:30pm, at the Peacock Pub, Mansfield Road in the centre of Nottingham to review the success of this year’s protest against the BNP’s RWB.

All welcome (apart from BNP supporters 🙂 )

A video from inside the RWB

We don’t know who did this video or how they got it. But it does show the similar footage to that shown on Channel 4 with a racistly caricatured Barack Obama being put in the stocks for children to throw sponges at him. Why exactly, anything to with his skin colour?
And the usual mobsters from Combat 18…

Note/ 18:30, 16th Aug. Some doubts have been thrown about whether these are pics from this year’s festival. We are investigating, but we may have to wait for this year’s pics. Only a matter of time I guess. Although this year’s some papers photgraphers have siad that they were being expected to pay money to the BNP to take pics. So I don’t imagine sympathetic photographers would have got in.

Thank you

We intend over the next few days to draft a full report on today’s event which was about 2 to 3 times bigger last year. Check back after Wednesday.

The Notts campaign is holding a meeting on Wednesday at 7.30pm, at the Peacock Pub, Mansfield Road to consider what we do now.

There will be a conference to talk about strengthening co-operation between the groups in South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire but open to all activists and campaigns across the country. That conference will probably be in late September.

Again thank you to all who came and to all trade unions and other organisations who turned up for the protest. And check back after Weds.

IMPORTANT information

In this post you will find leaflets for printing and distribution on coaches

On your legal rights.

Take this link to view and print.

We repeat that the intention of all the local campaigns is that our protest is peaceful and that those we steward will be protesting peacefully. But with such a heavy police protest and given the experience of similar protests, we urge that all protestors be aware of their legal rights.

A briefing for the day

Take this link for briefing prepared by Notts Stop the BNP

Google Map of the area

Take link to pages at top for Where to go and Where the BNP festival is for guidance on how to get to Codnor and for an understanding of the local geography. The links to larger maps at the bottom of these posts will enable you to go to the Google Maps from which you can print.