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Support from Kirklees Unity, Lancaster Unite and Hope not Hate

Another encouraging week as our protest at the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival grows.

Bob Crow, General Secretary of the railworkers union, the RMT, has agreed to speak at the protest.

We have also been informed of the increased work of our friends from Lancaster Unity and Kirklees Unity to build for the protest. Finally the major anti-BNP networks of Hope not Hate and Trade Union Friends of Searchlight are also throwing their weight behind the mobilisation.


Midlands TUC backs our August 16th action

The resolution below was carried unanimously at the Midlands TUC Council meeting Saturday, 29th June. It was proposed by Notts, Mansfield and Nottingham Trades Council. During the debate speakers praised the campaign led by Notts Stop the BNP and Notts, Mansfield and Nottingham Trades Council which was instrumental in persuading the police to oppose the granting of premises licenses for the event.

However, speakers stressed that it was still necessary to mobilise nationally for the planned protest – in fact, the Secretary of the Midlands TUC even spoke of an international mobilisation being appropriate, as the RWB Festival is an international event for the BNP.

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Rail Workers Union (RMT) national conference supports our picket and rally

Trade unions support accelerates for our campaign to stop the BNP Red, White and Blue festival.

A slightly modified version of our draft motion was passed at the national conference of the RMT in Nottingham today, Thursday, June 26. General Secretary of the RMT in the debate referred to the picket organised by the campaign to Stop the BNP’s Red, White and Blue Festival as a ‘tremendous initiative’.

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Mark Serwotka’s speech

One of the speaker’s at last Saturday’s demonstration against the BNP in London, was Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS). During his speech, he plugged the upcoming protest against the Red White and Blue festival. You can listen to the whole thing online:

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Check out more audio from the campaign on The Internet Archive.

August 16th mobilisation – Get there as soon after 9 as possible

Update: 15th August

Please note that we are asking as many people as possible to be there at 9am (not 11am as some leaflets that are not produced by our campaign say)

Codnor Centre (Market Place)

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Motion to trade union organisations

Our campaign involves activists from a wide number of unions and we have received support from many unions already. But we still urgently need further financial and organisational support from the trade union movement. Please move this draft motion through your trade union organisation, open from the link here.
Note/ updated to include info about UAF support