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Mobilisation against BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival August 15th now underway

Representatives of the Amber Valley and Derby Campaigns Against Racism and Fascism and Notts Stop the BNP campaign met in Heanor, Derbyshire on Saturday, June 20th to discuss plan for the protest against the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival this year, 2009.

The meeting agreed to organise a protest again this year’s BNP festival on August 15th convening in Codnor Market Place. The protest will begin with as many local activists as possible assembling from 9 am. We expect contingents to arrive from elsewhere in the country leading up to a National Rally at 11 am with a demonstration to follow that.

The meeting agreed that the the objectives of the protest against the BNP’s RWB festival will be:

  1. to bring together those who oppose the BNP in a peaceful and unified show of mass opposition to this major national event of theirs;
  2. to make clear to participants in the BNP event that they are not welcome in attempting to use Amber Valley as a base for their activities;
  3. to attempt to make our protest seen by as many as possible of those thinking of attending the festival;
  4. to encourage opponents of the BNP in the Amber Valley district and wider area to continue to campaign against the divisive policies of the BNP and the violent activities of their members;
  5. to safeguard as much as possible the safety of those protesting.

Representatives from all of the campaigns planning the protest will be meeting on a weekly basis from now on up until the event itself. A number of organisations, such as UAF and Hope not Hate, had to send their apologies. It is hoped that they, along with sponsors of the event last year, will be able to attend the next major planning meeting planned for July 18th in the centre of Nottingham.¬† The details of this will be sent to last year’s sponsoring organisations and posted on this website soon.

This website will again be used to keep people informed of this protest as well as other campaigning activity in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area. For further information please contact the email address associated with this website nobnpfestival at


Protest against the BNP’s festival of hate initiated

Amber Valley Campaign against Racism and Fascism (AV CARF) has formally started the mobilisation against the BNP’s 2009 Red, White and Blue festival in Codnor/ Denby.
Neighbouring campaigns such as the Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP campaign, who organised the protest last year, will be discussing with AV CARF getting all the sponsors of last year’s protest out again on the week-end of August 13th-15th when the festival is planned.
Indications are at time of this post that the BNP have not done as well as they hoped in the Euro elections, with Nick Griffin’s admitting that they may not get any Euro MPs and only talks of possibly getting one.

(Added after election result  known Рof course we know now that was just a Griffin wobble and they unfortunately got 2 Euro seats)

The BNP festival is not likely to be the triumphalist celebration that Griffin might have hoped for. Let’s make it a fully depressing experience for them!
Come to the Notts Stop the BNP meeting on Thursday, June 11th (see below) to discuss how we will campaign against the BNP’s RWB festival as well as our other anti-BNP work.


The BNP are a fragile lot and some of the poor dears are perturbed by the thought of a weekend under canvas. In order to ease these worries, those helpful souls in the BNP’s “Administration Department” have produced this list of local B&Bs. It’s highly unlikely that the BNP have consulted with any of the proprietors of these establishments and you have to wonder how many of them would want to be associated with the BNP’s so-called “festival.”

BNP Begin Arriving for Festival, While Anti-Fascists Leaflet Codnor

Press release from Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP, August 5th

Yesterday (August 4th) members of the British National Party (BNP) began arriving at the Bungalow, Codnor-Denby Lane, Denby, Derbyshire, to begin preparations for the party’s annual Red White and Blue “festival” to be held there in mid-August.

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Campaign activists leaflet residents around festival area

Leaflet’s were distributed around the RWB festival site today.

Below is the text of the leaflet distributed

Why are we protesting?

Our protest this year comes following much concern after the BNP’s presence here last year.

Residents were shocked by the behaviour of the BNP, who, said one, “all come with a flag and have these big snarling dogs.” Another said, “I heard them and I realised what they were singing, They were Nazi marching songs… They were laughing and shouting and I just couldn’t cope.”

Local Denby and Codnor residents have been very busy throughout the year, attempting to get Amber Valley Council to stop this festival. We have not been successful.

Our protest’s aim is to show the strength of local as well as national opposition to the BNP. It is a peaceful protest aimed to discourage people attending this festival and to discourage the BNP thinking that they can continue to hold national rallies in this area.

The protest is supported by the Codnor/ Denby group but also Midlands TUC, nationally by the railworker unions, RMT and ASLEF, locally by teaching unions, the NUT and the UCU as well as many others.

We must stop Codnor and Denby becoming seen across the country as the base for this party.

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Rail Workers Union (RMT) national conference supports our picket and rally

Trade unions support accelerates for our campaign to stop the BNP Red, White and Blue festival.

A slightly modified version of our draft motion was passed at the national conference of the RMT in Nottingham today, Thursday, June 26. General Secretary of the RMT in the debate referred to the picket organised by the campaign to Stop the BNP’s Red, White and Blue Festival as a ‘tremendous initiative’.

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August 16th mobilisation – Get there as soon after 9 as possible

Update: 15th August

Please note that we are asking as many people as possible to be there at 9am (not 11am as some leaflets that are not produced by our campaign say)

Codnor Centre (Market Place)

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