Baby Peter murderer claimed to be National Front

According to the Daily Mail, one of the torturers and murderers of Baby Peter, Stephen Barker, was a neo-Nazi:

“Police found hunting knives and Nazi memorabilia including swastika-decorated helmets and daggers in the house he shared with Connelly, alongside martial arts weapons and a crossbow.
Neighbours at his former flat in Haringey believed he was organising secret meetings for the fascist National Front network, and he and Owen were investigated for race crimes against an Asian family.”This is a sobering reminder of the types that linger around the BNP. The National Front gave birth to the BNP after a personal feud between the National Front leaders. The openly Nazi, John Tyndall, founding the BNP. Whilst there is competition between the organisations nowaday, there is known to be an intermingling and co-operation of their members around such projects as Redwatch.

Barker’s fascist connections doesn’t, of course, stop either the BNP or National Front cynically using those actions as an excuse for campaigning for capital punishment. They should instead be stopped from building their organisation which propagates and legitimises such blind hatred and helps produce warped personalities like Barker.

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