Check back with this site after 3 pm, Friday

If at all possible arrange someone from your group (if you are travelling down in a group) to access this site on Friday, 14th August, after 3pm.

In process of uploading…Hardware problems. Bear with us

We aim to have a lot more of last minute information available on this site, maps, legal briefings and any information that the chief stewards need to inform people of in advance of the day. These can hopefully be printed and distributed on coaches and other vehicles. There will be 3 chief stewards, one each from the TUC, local campaigns and UAF for the events after 11:30 am. We hope to be able to tell you more by then about what is planned from 9am.

If you would like those sent to you by email nobnpfestival(at) and we will try and get them to you by email.


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