Derby BNP not doing too well

(Article from Derby CARF member)

Both the Derby Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (DCARF) members and the UAF had stalls in Derby on Saturday. They received and checked a siting of the BNP’s only stall this year – outside the Old Market Place. Both campaigns jointly took a decision to pack up and surround Derby’s only BNP stall of the year.

The BNP managed only four people on their stall and our strategy was to completely ignore them. We knew they had nothing to say, they’d proved that on Euro-Election night. We concentrated on any potential support they might hope to pick up.

Derby anti-fascists employed slogans against:

  • the BNP’s racist and fascist nature
  • Derby County’s jailed ex-directors
  • BNP failure on education, health and employment
  • bankers and bankruptcies

The BNP members seemed slightly alarmed that anti-fascists might have opinions on football. They made no reply to our statements of their ineffectiveness on key issues affecting working people. If the BNP could put up any arguments as smokescreen for their disguised racism and fascism, it wasn’t coming out of those four.

They faced criticism from passersby and one woman launched into loud, sustained and perfectly accurate attack on their racism. The BNP folded their stall after 20 minutes without having being able to talk to a single person and caught buses home.

Other anti-fascists continued to arrive after the BNP’s retreat. We continued for another hour at our usual site. As always, BNP sympathisers came up to show how little they knew about life in Britain and we put many local people in touch with the details for coaches on Saturday.

DCARF and UAF activists agreed to work together for a turnout in the aftermath of the demo, given that the BNP usually respond to losing an argument by picking a fight instead.


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