Some footage of last year’s “festival”

An interesting video has been put up on Youtube with footage apparently from last year’s RWB.

You might want to take a look. Some more reasons for you to join us on the August 15th

This is the Youtube commentary accompanying the video.

“The BNP say they’re not Nazis, but it wasn’t hard to find photos of BNP members giving the Nazi Sieg Heil salute at the BNP Red, White and Blue festival in Codnor, Derbyshire in 2008. RWB is only open to BNP members, and, as just one example, one BNP skinhead gave Nazi salutes (0:07) while the bonehead in black jeans wore a shirt of the “Blood & Honour” group – who take their name from the motto of the Hitler Youth. The video also shows another BNP member at the RWB festival wearing a T-shirt advertising the “14 Words” slogan invented by American Nazi terrorist and murderer David Lane (0:32)

The BNP pretend they defend Christian values but this video also features another photo from the RWB showing the Odal rune used in Norse pagan religions like Wotanism and Odinism (0:44). The Odal rune was used by a mountain warfare division of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS, is also used by Nazi groups like Blood & Honour and Combat 18, and BNP chairman Nick Griffin edited a racist magazine called The Rune, which featured the Odal rune on its cover and in which Nick Griffin praised Hitler’s SS.

In “The Rune” magazine BNP chairman Nick Griffin claimed (for instance) that “tales of Waffen SS courage and sacrifices are almost limitless”, while forgetting to mention how many innocent British men, women, OAPs and children were murdered by the Nazis during the Blitz, and how many British servicemen were killed by the Germans and by the SS during WW2…”


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