UAF back 2009 protest

We have yet to hear from the UAF formally but yesterday they posted the article below on their website. Last year’s mobilisation was not helped by the UAF advertising different details to that organised by the locally organised protest. This year there should be no such confusion. We look forward to a greater turnout as a result and to hear from the UAF to discuss ensuring an effective and unified protest.

The next planning meeting to which supporters and representatives of sponsors to the protest are invited will be in Nottingham on July 18th. Details will be posted on this website later or can be found out by emailing the campaign from the email address nobnpfestival (at)

UAF web article (24/06/08)

The fascist British National Party is holding its annual “Red, White and Blue” rally in Codnor, Derbyshire, this year. The Nazis will be using its festival of hate to try and build its organisation following the European election results.

Unite Against Fascism is calling a national mobilisation against the BNP rally in Codnor on Saturday 15 August. UAF will work with local anti-fascists groups that are also organising protests against the BNP’s presence in the area.

UAF supporters around the country should book coaches and start building for the demo right away. We want as many anti-fascists as possible to be in Codnor at 9am. The BNP Nazis want to make their rally this year a “victory celebration”. We need to be there in large numbers to represent the majority that hates their politics of bigotry, race hatred and fascism.


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