Protest against the BNP’s festival of hate initiated

Amber Valley Campaign against Racism and Fascism (AV CARF) has formally started the mobilisation against the BNP’s 2009 Red, White and Blue festival in Codnor/ Denby.
Neighbouring campaigns such as the Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP campaign, who organised the protest last year, will be discussing with AV CARF getting all the sponsors of last year’s protest out again on the week-end of August 13th-15th when the festival is planned.
Indications are at time of this post that the BNP have not done as well as they hoped in the Euro elections, with Nick Griffin’s admitting that they may not get any Euro MPs and only talks of possibly getting one.

(Added after election result  known – of course we know now that was just a Griffin wobble and they unfortunately got 2 Euro seats)

The BNP festival is not likely to be the triumphalist celebration that Griffin might have hoped for. Let’s make it a fully depressing experience for them!
Come to the Notts Stop the BNP meeting on Thursday, June 11th (see below) to discuss how we will campaign against the BNP’s RWB festival as well as our other anti-BNP work.


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