Emergency Open meeting, Nottingham, Thursday, June 11th

At the time of posting we do not know the BNP election result.

But all the opinion polls indicate that they will do significantly better than at the last Euro election. Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP is calling a meeting open to all anti-racists and anti-fascists in the area to discuss what needs to be done. We invite other anti-racist organisations to join with us in building the event.

The meeting will be at the Mechanics Institute, at the junction of Shakespeare Street and Nth Sherwood Street, Thursday, June 11th starting at 7:30pm.

Download leaflet

Last minute anti-BNP activity in this area was encouraging but we need to start immediately after the Euro election in making sure that they don’t make an inroad into the British parliament.

Please join us in the discussion on June 11th.


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