National conference on September 27th

We are pleased to announce a follow-on conference on September 27th at the Queens Walk Community Centre, Nottingham starting at 11am.

The purpose of the conference, to which we invite both regional and national organisations, is to have an open discussion about what we do, from now on, to counter the BNP nationally but particularly in the East Midlands region.

An excellent start has been made in this area as a result of our protest on August 16th. Despite the invocation of the Public Order Act, and some very aggravating difficulties, we managed to have a legal and peaceful protest that was continuous from soon after 9am and remained there until 2:30 pm. At its peak it attracted approx 500 people. A march was held in the middle of the day organised by the Unite Against Fascism group.

We do not know yet whether the BNP intend to hold another festival in Derbyshire next year.

If they do, we hope for your support to stop it with more vigorous campaigning and a greater number of protesters if it actually goes ahead.

If they don’t, we will still need to do an awful lot of work not only to drive them back from the position they have achieved, with both councillors and members, after 30 years of existence in Amber Valley, but also to stop any further advances of the BNP in the East Midlands area and elsewhere in the country.

As a result of the protest, we now have a sizeable, very active and optimistic Stop the BNP group in Amber Valley.

We hope you will join us on the 27th September to discuss how we might do these things. We will be holding a planning meeting on the week-end of 13th-14th September to which we will be inviting sponsors.

Organisations wishing to sponsor please notify the organisers at the email address

Download leaflet for conference from this link

Addendum/ Please note that there is a small admission charge to cover costs


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