Nick Griffin to reassert control at RWB

The BNP have always claimed that RWB is a non-political “family festival.” Of course, we’ve never taken this very seriously. The BNP have now gone a long way to abandoning the pretence themselves and are holding a “General Members’ Meeting” on Sunday August 17 in the Political Marquee, Red-White-and-Blue Field. The event, which is open to “paid up current BNP members only” is intended to implement a number of constitutional changes. These are mostly pretty banal and written in a deliberately dull bureaucratic style, but the crucial change is that the Chairman is now to be elected for a period of four years during which he cannot be challenged.

This appears to be Griffin’s latest attempt to maintain control over the party (they prefer the term “modernising”) following leadership challenges by Chris Jackson last year and Colin Auty this year. It is likely to be controversial and we understand from our sources (the BNP being a notoriously leaky organisation) that Sadie Graham and others associated with the Real BNP/Voice of Change/Independent and/or Democratic Nationalist faction will be in attendance. Graham’s faction (which has struggled to find a name it can stick with) emerged late last year after Graham and Kenny Smith were expelled from the BNP ostensibly over comments critical of Mark Collett, the party’s Head of Publicity and intially garnered considerable support from disillusioned party members, but appears to have lost this by its failure to openly challenge Griffin’s leadership with many one-time supporters returning to the BNP.


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