Campaign activists leaflet residents around festival area

Leaflet’s were distributed around the RWB festival site today.

Below is the text of the leaflet distributed

Why are we protesting?

Our protest this year comes following much concern after the BNP’s presence here last year.

Residents were shocked by the behaviour of the BNP, who, said one, “all come with a flag and have these big snarling dogs.” Another said, “I heard them and I realised what they were singing, They were Nazi marching songs… They were laughing and shouting and I just couldn’t cope.”

Local Denby and Codnor residents have been very busy throughout the year, attempting to get Amber Valley Council to stop this festival. We have not been successful.

Our protest’s aim is to show the strength of local as well as national opposition to the BNP. It is a peaceful protest aimed to discourage people attending this festival and to discourage the BNP thinking that they can continue to hold national rallies in this area.

The protest is supported by the Codnor/ Denby group but also Midlands TUC, nationally by the railworker unions, RMT and ASLEF, locally by teaching unions, the NUT and the UCU as well as many others.

We must stop Codnor and Denby becoming seen across the country as the base for this party.

The truth about the BNP

The BNP claims it is just a family festival but that is a lie.

The BNP attempt to exploit the understandable dissatisfaction of people in politics, about housing, education, and health problems. But they are a racist party that happily attracts violent people and have no solutions but race hate. They imitate the classic Nazi tactic of blaming all the problems on ethnic minorities.

If you have the Internet you should be able to check all these facts for yourselves when the BNP deny them, as they will. Links to BBC and newspaper articles that confirm every one of the facts below can be found on the website

(These links will be added at 12pm, Monday night, 4th August)

  • In years gone by the BBC Panorama got into some of the festival’s closed sessions and flimed ‘SS marches’ being played and Nazi memorabilia being sold. See summary of report on BBC website
  • Last year the BNP feared a similar exposure whilst the press were around, so they left the Nazi music to be played on the Denby site before or after the ‘festival’ was formally over, where it was heard and caused distress to residents. See Times Online article. The police have said that they expect the BNP to be on the site for 10 days before and 10 days after the festival.
  • The BNP’s leader, Nick Griffin, was given a two-year suspended sentence in 1998 for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. See BBC report
  • Last December, one of the BNP local councillors, Sadie Graham from Brinsley and a senior official of that party, claimed that Griffin had her house burgled. See this report
  • Sadie Graham herself was expelled because she felt that Griffin’s likely successor, Mark Collett, was a liability as he appeared on the television programme, ‘Young, Nazi and Proud’ saying Nazi Germany was a better place to live than places in the UK today. Sadie Graham links to this report from her Blog
  • Last year there was violence at the BNP festival. Andrew Spence, their high profile candidate against Tony Blair in 2005, resigned from the BNP saying it “is not the party I thought it was”. His resignation followed punches being thrown between him and Collett. See this report

Are these the people we want in their hundreds and thousands in this area? We say no! We hope you do too.

We genuinely regret any inconvenience that our peaceful protest will bring, but the real cause of any disruption is those have organised this festival. We welcome all local people who wish to join us protesting on the day. See you on August 16th.


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