Midlands TUC backs our August 16th action

The resolution below was carried unanimously at the Midlands TUC Council meeting Saturday, 29th June. It was proposed by Notts, Mansfield and Nottingham Trades Council. During the debate speakers praised the campaign led by Notts Stop the BNP and Notts, Mansfield and Nottingham Trades Council which was instrumental in persuading the police to oppose the granting of premises licenses for the event.

However, speakers stressed that it was still necessary to mobilise nationally for the planned protest – in fact, the Secretary of the Midlands TUC even spoke of an international mobilisation being appropriate, as the RWB Festival is an international event for the BNP.

Opposition to the BNP’s “Red, White and Blue Festival” in Derbyshire 15th-17th August

This Midlands TUC Regional Council meeting notes:

  • The election of BNP member Richard Barnbrook to the Greater London Assembly;
  • That the BNP had a net increase of 10 councillors elected at the May 2008 local elections;
  • That the BNP has a firmer toe-hold in places like Barnsley where they came second in 7 wards;
  • The BNP’ s use of community-based activism, local organisation and the way they relate their racist politics to issues like the crisis in housing, the NHS and education.

This Midlands TUC Regional Council meeting believes:

  • That the BNP is a fascist organisation with historical and contemporary links to open Nazis, Combat 18, American White Supremacists, anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers;
  • That local BNP organisation goes hand-in-hand with a rise in racially motivated attacks and assaults;
  • The BNP pose a physical threat to anti-fascists, trade unionists and campaigners;
  • That campaigns against the BNP should address both the physical threat posed and the political terrain contested by the BNP.

This Midlands TUC Regional Council meeting further notes:

  • That the BNP’s annual  “Red, White and Blue Festival” is due to take place from August 15th-17th  in the village of Codnor, Derbyshire within the Midlands region;
  • The call made by a both the Derby & Notts, Mansfield & Nottingham Trades Councils, Derby Unite Against Fascism, Notts Stop the BNP and Unite Against Fascism nationally (in conjunction with local & regional trade union organizations) to mobilise against the “Festival”; with a demonstration on August 16th 2008.

This Midlands TUC Regional Council meeting resolves to:

  • Support the demonstration on August 16th in Derbyshire and
  • Urge trade union affiliates to support it as well by publicising it to their own branches and for trades councils to publicise it to affiliated trade unions and encourage the organization of transport to support the demonstration
  • Encourage donations of financial support to the organisers of the demonstration

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