Rail Workers Union (RMT) national conference supports our picket and rally

Trade unions support accelerates for our campaign to stop the BNP Red, White and Blue festival.

A slightly modified version of our draft motion was passed at the national conference of the RMT in Nottingham today, Thursday, June 26. General Secretary of the RMT in the debate referred to the picket organised by the campaign to Stop the BNP’s Red, White and Blue Festival as a ‘tremendous initiative’.

The motion reads:

This AGM notes that on Friday 30 May a young female student was attacked on her way to work by three armed members of the far right. They pulled her to the ground, kicked her repeatedly in the ribs and slashed at her head with a knife. Whilst attacking her they called her “A Dirty red” and a “Britain hater”. She suffered a fractured rib and severe bruising, but given the severity of the assault the injuries could have been far worse. The attackers singled out this student because she campaigns on her campus to drive out the BNP. The victim is also a member of Unison and the NUS. They knew her name and route to work, and deliberately targeted her to intimidate her and others campaigning against the far right. We condemn this cowardly attack.

We further note:

  • The election of BNP member Richard Barnbrook to the Greater London Assembly;
  • That the BNP had a net increase of10 councillors elected at the May2008 local elections;
  • That the BNP has a firmer toe­hold in places like Barnsley where they came second in 7 wards;
  • The BNP’s use of community ­based activism, local organisation and the way they relate their racist politics to issues like the crisis in housing, the NHS and education.

This AGM believes:

  • That the BNP is a fascist organisation with historical and contemporary links to open Nazis, Combat 18, American White Supremacists, anti­ Semites and Holocaust deniers;
  • That local BNP organisation goes hand­ in ­hand with a rise in racially motivated attacks, assaults and injury;
  • The BNP pose a physical threat to anti­fascists, trade unionists and campaigners;
  • That campaigns against the BNP should address both the physical threat posed and the political terrain contested by the BNP.

This AGM further notes:

  • That the BNP’s annual “Red,White and Blue Festival” is due to take place from August 15th-­17th in the village of Codnor, Derbyshire;
  • That in previous years this event has proceeded with either small ­scale or token opposition;
  • The call made by a local, trade union backed anti­fascist conference on January19th to mobilise against the “Festival”
  • The efforts of the “Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP” and “Derby Unite Against Fascism” campaigns to organise a national mobilisation against the “Festival” on August 16th 2008.
  • That this call for a national demo has been taken up by the UAF (Unite Against Fascism) campaign.

This AGM resolves to:

  • Sponsor the demonstration on August 16h in Derbyshire and make a financial contribution to the “Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP” campaign;
  • Advertise the demonstration to membership/affiliates
  • Encourage affiliates to organise transport to the demonstration.

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